Betty’s at work during the day, making sure you have something tasty to fuel your island adventures (or, for those

lazy days, feed

your nap).

Blackened Dolphin quesdilla, Grilled Lobster with

Ceasar Salad,

Coconut Conch

Fried Fish Platter


Conch Fritters

& much more

Betty Milford, cook


Sunday Pig Roast

Dinner Menu

Nightly Nibbles

Debbie McIntosh, chef

Chicken Alfredo at Nipper's Bar & Grill

Blackened Grouper with Mac & Cheese and Peas & Rice at Nipper's Bar & Grill

Dine in style at Overso, our enclosed, air-conditioned restaurant. Our chef Debbie takes pride in crafting mouth-watering dishes that you’ll be left talking about long after your vacation ends. She uses seasonally fresh ingredients and cherished family recipes. Reservations on VHF 16 or
ph: 242 365 5111

Great Bahamian cooking and good wine table at Nipper's Bar & Grill

Broiled Lobster and Baked Potatoe at Nipper's Bar & GrillGrilled Rib Eye Steak and Baked Potoatoe at Nipper's Bar & Grill